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  [rṣīf; sidewalk] رصيف
menu items here رصيف [raṣīf; sidewalk] is a translational space for multi-disciplinary and intersectional engagement at the overlaps of the arts, humanities and social sciences, with Palestine at its geographical and thematic nexus. raṣīf aims to claim space and generate possibilities for emerging Palestinian artists, filmmakers, architects and writers to develop and expose their practice with the support of local Palestinian and international tutors, scholars, and mentors from a wide-ranging trans-national network. Dedicated to fostering the production of critical de-colonial praxis and discourse that crossing the bounds of traditional disciplines and emerges from Palestine, raṣīf provides a platform and an opening into a network of universities, publishing houses, magazines, journals, organizations and festivals, creating possibilities for engagement and exposition within but also beyond the bounds of the river and the sea. An annual research program of summer schools, screenings, readings, exhibitions and workshops, developed in cooperation with local and international universities, institutions and organizations, aims to foster personal and institutional connections in between participants, stakeholders and supporters. arabic translation here